Recess Time

An "ugly produce" lunch party combining the art of cooking, making conversations, and storytelling in a single encounter.

Food waste is one of the biggest waste streams in Singapore and makes up 10 percent of total waste generated. This issue is compounded by the fact that Singapore imports almost 90% of our food.

Recess Time by Practice Tuckshop is an "ugly produce" lunch party at the heart of the Singapore arts district. It is a long-running participatory work that stages a social event, i.e. lunch, as the site for performance and engagement. Serving up over 2,000 meals over four years, this programme combines the art of cooking, making conversations, and storytelling into a single encounter. 

Invited home cooks and professional chefs, known as "Makan Masters", go on veggie rescue missions in their local communities to salvage unwanted or ugly produce. They then incorporate the rescued produce in a 3-course menu of their choosing.

Recess Time conversations are also documented using an auto-ethnographic approach by a floating interviewer, known as the "Kaypoh" (Busybody) Queen/King. Stories from the participants are then recorded inside the Recess Journal, which also contain messages from past chefs, photos and food-waste friendly recipes.


Recess Time has been featured on various platforms including A-List, Alvinology, Social Space Mag, and 0 (Zero), a Viddsee documentary series highlighting sustainability initiatives in Singapore. In 2021, Recess Time was included in The Social Art Award 2021-New Greening, organised by The Institute for Art and Innovation (Berlin). It also received an honourable mention in Art Partner's #CreateCOP27, held in conjunction with the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference.


Reservations open 10AM on the Monday before each session via Practice Tuckshop's Facebook messenger ONLY.

Drop us a PM with your name, contact number and no. of guests.

Reservations are confirmed when the Practice Tuckshop team responds.

Can't get a slot? Join our waitlist!

Past Events

Makan Masters


Ang Xiao Ting, Mazlan Boyamin, Jen Chua, Joey Cheng, Chong Gua Khee, Chong Siew Yen, Leslie Choo, Goh Shu Xian Priscilla, Mary Ho, Jason Hong, Edric Hsu, Priscill Koh (Tai Tai Chef), Petrina Kow,  Kuah Kai Wen, Kuo Jian Hong, Elyssa Liu, Yvette Ng, Erica Sim, Sim Xin Yi, Kelvin Soh, Max Tan, Joyce Wong


Ang Xiao Ting, Mazlan Boyamin, Joey Cheng, Megan Hon, Edric Hsu, Imran Kidd, Practice Communications and Partnerships Team, Priscill Koh, Sim Xin Yi, Tan Geok Kuan, Max Tan, Jasmine Xie


Ang Xiao Ting, Zoea Tania Chen, Joey Cheng, Anna Guo, Megan Hon, Imran Kidd, Priscill Koh, Sim Xin Yi


Ang Xiao Ting, Annabelle Aw, Mazlan Boyamin, Cavan Chang, Joey Cheng, Leslie Choo, Cecilia Chow, Chelsea Chua, Michelle Er, Edric Hsu, Imran Kidd, Priscill Koh, Kuo Jian Hong, Aunty Leng Leng, Natalie Lim, Trudy Loh, Millie Phuah, Ng Kok Liong, Sim Xin Yi, Fervyn Kate Tan, Michelle Tan


Ang Xiao Ting, Steph Chan, Jeremy Cheok, Cecilia Chow, FERRY, Kuo Jian Hong, Rena Lew, Sim Xin Yi, Soo Keyan Peh, Fervyn Kate Tan

The original Recess Time journal exists as several folders in Practice Tuckshop. As part of our 5th year anniversary, it has been digitised into an EPIC online version: 400 pages of stories, photos and recipes!

Five years. 50-something sessions. A documentation of sweat and labour. A celebration of all artists (Makan Masters) and art (food). Also a reminder of the conversations, relationships and laughter we've accumulated in this little theatre space. We hope you'll enjoy taking a peek into many chance encounters between strangers on Friday afternoons at 58 Waterloo Street.