Giving classic melodies a modern refresh, enjoy fun and catchy renditions of your favourite nursery rhymes, sung by Singapore's best singers and musical theatre talents. 


  1. The Little White Boat 小白船

  2. The Fisherman's Song 捕鱼歌

  3. You Can’t Count Them 看你数清数不清

  4. Outing 郊游

  5. Where's My Friend 我的朋友在哪里

  6. The More We Get Together 当我们同在一起

  7. Little Mouse on Lampstand 小老鼠上灯台

  8. Parting 送别

  9. The Purple Bamboo Flute 紫竹调

  10. The Song of Youth 青春舞曲

  11. On the Train 坐火车

  12. Questions Without Answers 没答案的问题

Sing Our Songs 2 Song List

  1. The Turkey in the Straw Field 稻草里的火鸡

  2. My Little Donkey 小毛驴

  3. Catching Loaches 捉泥鳅

  4. Two Tigers 两只老虎

  5. The Stream By My Home 我家门前有小河

  6. Poplar Tree 白杨树

  7. The Trishaw 三轮车(念)

  8. The Trishaw 三轮车(唱)

  9. The Whisper of the West Wind 西风的话

  10. Make A Phone Call 打电话

  11. In This World, Mothers Are Best 世上只有妈妈好

  12. The Country Road 乡间的小路

  13. Day I Met The Stars 我要上天的那一晚


Sing our songs 3 song list

  1. Be Good, Little Bunny 小兔子乖乖

  2. Grandma's Penghu Bay 外婆的澎湖湾

  3. Kicking Featherballs 踢毽子

  4. Pick Yourself Up After You Fall 自己跌倒自己爬

  5. Grandma's Bridge + Sitting In A Row 外婆桥 + 排排坐

  6. Paper Plane 纸飞机

  7. Camel 骆驼

  8. Where Is My Home? 我家在哪里

  9. The Water Splash Song 泼水歌

  10. Pull the Radish 拔萝卜

  11. Lupin Flower 鲁冰花

  12. A Dot. A Line. Add A Circle. 点线加圆圈




The Nursery Rhymes Project: Sing Our Songs is supported by Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism.