Story Challenge — Performance

Available Booking Dates

Our school shows are available all year round! However, bookings are subject to cast availability and prior engagements. To expedite the process, please provide us with a list of preferred dates and timings.


English OR Mandarin

Venue & Technical Requirements
  • Physical:
    Performance space needs to be a school hall or auditorium. Sound equipment will be provided by The Theatre Practice team.

  • Digital:
    Every show will be conducted on Zoom. Each show has live interactions between our actors and students, conducted via Zoom video, chatbox and polling. Teachers will be briefed prior to the show date if they are needed to help facilitate.

    For school-based viewing, students can watch it in their respective classrooms. Teachers should prepare one laptop per class, with the Zoom app downloaded. The show can then be screened via the classroom's projector.

    For home-based viewing, students can log in using their own devices (up to 490 pax).


$1,800 + prevailing GST

Target Audience
Tote Board Arts Grant
Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme
Speak Mandarin Campaign
Speak Good English Movement