Berries Chinese Theatre Festival: Family Edition

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Why is the sky blue? Why do we sleep? How did the world begin?
Gain a little (one's) perspective, and let your imagination soar!

For nearly 60 years, Practice has nurtured young minds through its play-centric approach to arts education. Now join us as we extend this legacy with a brand new Chinese-language Theatre for Young Audiences festival.

Building bridges between generations, get ready for an array of highly interactive theatrical productions and artful participatory experiences — designed for tiny tots and seasoned adventurers alike!

Filled with thought-provoking stories and fantastical new worlds, Berries Chinese Theatre Festival: Family Edition is an invitation to rediscover the magic of our world through the eyes of a child.

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Berries Chinese Theatre Festival: Family Edition



I believe that art resides deep within the soul of every child, and it is my hope that they can all harness this innate creativity to lead vibrant and exciting lives.

Over the years, Berries World of Learning School has been dedicated to creating an enriching Chinese language environment, transcending traditional boundaries, and extending Chinese language learning beyond the confines of the classroom. In line with this, I am also committed to integrating life and art, offering both children and adults multifaceted experiences with the Chinese language.

With child-like excitement, I look forward to our collaboration with The Theatre Practice to present "2024 Berries Chinese Theatre Festival: Family Edition". At the heart of art lies the essence of human expression, creativity, and emotion. May the festival spark joy and wonder in the hearts of our children as they embark on an unforgettable journey.

Let us extend our warm applause to the talented actors and creatives, and provide loving companionship for our children to realise their potential. 

We are grateful to have The Theatre Practice alongside us in fulfilling our mission.

Together, let us unite our efforts in inspiring the children of today, to light up the world of tomorrow.

Ms Wynne Li Wai Lan
Managing Director, CLS International (1993) Pte Ltd (HQ for Berries World of Learning School)