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Playground Series

Round Round Buns by Chop Chilli Chop Collective


Round Round Buns examines our personal relationship with our bodies - the bits we love, the bits we don't, and all the dangly in-betweens. Part games night, part confessional, part theatre, we take a frank, humorous look at all that is unspoken between our bodies and ourselves.

Bring along your bodies, your buddies, and an open mind, as we explore the whys and hows of talking about our bodies.

Held in conjunction with Practice Tuckshop, Round Round Buns is part of the programming for Space of Taboos.


Date: 3 June 2017, Saturday

Time: 8pm (Doors open at 7:30pm)

Venue: Practice Tuckshop


Session will be hosted in English.


About Chop Chilli Chop Collective

Chop Chilli Chop Co. is a loose collective of young creators. Our working process begins with a conversation – personal or social – between ourselves that we wish to bring to audiences. The Chop Chilli Chop Collective is both a process and a product. When our ideas are structured into communicable building blocks, we experiment and play around, eventually piecing them together into a performance.

We believe that our pieces are only ever in-progress. They take new forms with new insights, as we negotiate ideas and shift perspectives - within ourselves, the range of talents and mentors we collaborate with, and our audience.