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Dialogue Series

Dialogue Series #5 Huh? Artist Wellness?


In the arts industry, performers subject themselves to all kinds of vulnerabilities. While learning to survive in an industry characterized by constant flux, we want to ask performers: 'What gives?' in their process of adapting to this pressure cooker.

‘How do I continue working 14-16 hour days in a sustainable way? Is there any other option that is financially sustainable?’

‘When is it acceptable to say NO, or does saying no affect the growth of my career?’

‘What is anxiety? (This is a tough industry. I have to be tough.)’

‘What is hustling?’

‘How do I step out of a character?’

‘Am I taking care of myself?’

‘What IS taking care of myself?’

We bring you Dialogue Series 'Space of Taboos': Huh? Artist Wellness? In this dialogue, we hope to create a safe space for an open and honest sharing. We hope to address the concept of Mental Wellness specific to performers in the arts industry. However, solutions are not a must. This is hopefully, a first step in raising awareness, enlivening and empowering our community.


Panel includes: Michele Lim, Alvin Tan, Li-Anne Tan, moderated by Kuo Jian Hong.

Session will be hosted in English.


Date: 29 May 2017, Monday

Time: 7 – 9pm

Venue: Practice Tuckshop