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Practice Tuckshop

Practice Tuckshop is a creative playground, bringing the community together through programmes that marry food and drinks with storytelling!

What is Practice Tuckshop?

Welcome to Practice Tuckshop- a conceptual F&B space and storefront of The Theatre Practice (TTP).

Located at the heart of the Waterloo Street Arts Belt, Practice Tuckshop was started as part of our commitment to bring the arts to the community and to provide a collaborative creative space for all. Cosy and welcoming, it is a place for friends, families and creatives to gather over a cup of tea, cosy up with a selection of books about Singapore arts by celebrated playwrights. Discover something new with our series of curated programmes or just drop by to chill. All are welcome!



There are no prices for drinks here at Practice Tuckshop. Simply select a blend of tea, kindly provided by our good friends and tea merchants at Pek Sin Choon and decide how much you would like to contribute. Everyone gives, trusting that there is always enough to go around.


Space Of...

Practice Tuckshop aims to be a creative playground and experimental arts space. It hopes to bring people together through programmes that marry food and drinks, with storytelling. Every quarter, Tuckshop will curate a series of exciting events and programmes based on a singular vision. Bring your curiosity and join us to explore various themes through art installations, dialogues, performances and more!


Space of Dreams (18 March - 9 April 2017)

Calling all dreamers, creatives and romantics! In celebration of TTP’s 52 year legacy of nurturing dreamers, Practice Tuckshop kicks off our first quarter with the theme: Space of Dreams! Immerse yourself in our participatory art installation, “Dreams” by Associate Artist Hao Wei Kai or drop by for a series of dialogues about chasing dreams, featuring theatre practitioners, local artistes and more. Be inspired to make your craziest dreams come true!


Space of Taboos (19 May – 11 June 2017)

Next up, it is the time to start talking about some things we do not usually talk about. Everyone knows that the most important conversations often take place in the kitchen. Question everything and get provocative with our theme: Space of Taboos.


Space of Possibilities (15 July – 27 August 2017)

Organized in conjunction with the M1 Chinese Theatre Festival (CTF), we draw inspiration from the theme: Converge and Collide, to present… Space Of Possibilities. As a diverse group of audiences and artists flock to our home, we celebrate the limitless potential and new perspectives that can emerge from this eclectic melting pot. So grab a drink and join us at the Practice Tuckshop to meet friends and strangers and see what magic unfolds…

Space of Our Home (30 October – 19 November 2017)

Coming Soon!


But wait...There’s More!

Delve deeper into the history of TTP and the Singapore theatre scene through our selection of books and show programmes displayed at the tuckshop. These include a library of writings by late theatre doyen and TTP co-founder Kuo Pao Kun, along with works from other theatre artists.

Want to revisit some of your favourite TTP shows? We’ve even got that covered with our selection of merchandise, available to patrons at a special price!


Opening Hours (15 July – 27 August)

15.07 – 02.08.2017
Closed on Mondays
Tue – Fri : 10am – 6pm
Sat : 9am – 6pm
Sun : 9am – 3pm

03.08 - 27.08.2017
Closed on Mondays
Tue – Wed: 10am – 6pm
Thu – Sat: 10am – 10.30pm
Sun: 10am – 6pm

The most important aspect of an arts education for a child is its integration within culture itself. Culture sets forth the foundation on which a country is built upon: its direction, pathways and values. The education of arts and culture very much emphasizes the development of character.

Goh Lay Kuan | Co-Founder / Artistic Advisor