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Education Project

Growing through the Arts

About The Theatre Practice (TTP) Education Project


TTP Education Project is the Education & Outreach Department of The Theatre Practice, which is Singapore’s first bilingual theatre company. TTP is best known for its homegrown musicals such as Lao Jiu: The Musical, "If There’re Seasons…", iconic plays like The Silly Little Girl and The Funny Old Tree, and family shows such as Mulan

In 1994, we pioneered student theatre workshops and school touring performances. Throughout these years, TTP continues to bring a wealth of theatre experience into schools, leaving an indelible impression on thousands of students, and receiving resounding praise from both teachers and parents. With the support of a professional team, from actors to stage managers, our school courses and shows directly immerse students within the wondrous experience of theatre.


Staff of The Theatre Practice Education Project


Education & Outreach Advisor
Wong May Lan

Education & Outreach Manager 
Catherine Wong

Education & Outreach Executive
Michelle Er

Tel: 6337 2525
Fax: 6358 2565

Art originates from life. Theatre is like a mirror that reflects the people and happenings in life from a different perspective, encouraging us to look within ourselves and to observe the ways of others.

Kuo Jian Hong | Artistic Director