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Sing Our Songs

Local leading musician Julian Wong spices up old childhood classics with new arrangements, performed by a local talents!

Nursery rhymes featured in Sing Our Songs:

01. The Little White Boat 小白船 Preview
02. The Fisherman's Song 捕鱼歌 Preview
03. You Can't Count Them 看你数清数不清 Preview
04. Outing 郊游 Preview 
05. Where's My Friend 我的朋友在哪里 Preview
06. The More We Get Together 当我们同在一起 Preview
07. Little Mouse on Lampstand 小老鼠上灯台 Preview
08. Parting 送别 Preview
09. The Purple Bamboo Flute 紫竹调 Preview
10. The Song of Youth 青春舞曲 Preview
11. On the Train 坐火车 Preview
12. Questions Without Answers 没答案的问题 Preview


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Soundtrack CD available for sale with "Paint Our Songs" (sold as a set).



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