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Blank Run

17 - 20.08.2017
Practice Space
$38(before SISTIC fee)

8pm (Thu - Sat)
3pm (Sat - Sun)

Approximately 1 hour with no intermission
Multi-lingual performance 
Advisory (Some Mature Content)

Produced by The Theatre Practice

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A girl reacquaints with confounding details of her past

                in a strange and isolated room /

                a girl recollects her fragmented past /

                her story / ambiguous / her experience / obscured

                the room murmurs / a trauma beyond words

                late is the night /

                when sleep subsides / when nightmare looms

                when truth lies in the furthest light /

Back in Singapore after its successful staging at ACT Shanghai International Theatre Festival 2016 and World Stage Design in Taipei 2017, Blank Run is a viscerally arresting investigation of memory. It is a memory landscape combining video installation, soundscape, physical theatre and multilingual text in its multisensory storytelling. It is a jigsaw puzzle, with each element constructing its own version of “what really happened”.

In Partnership With AWARE’s Sexual Assault Care Centre

A recent survey shows that, in Singapore, 1 in 6 youths (aged between 17 - 25) have experienced some form of sexual assault and nearly 9 out of 10 cases are perpetrated by someone the survivor knew. Sexual assault remains one of the most under-reported crimes worldwide, with common feelings of shame, guilt, self-blame and self-doubt preventing survivors from seeking the help they need.

The Theatre Practice is proud to be working with AWARE and their Sexual Assault Care Centre (SACC) for the Singapore premiere of Blank Run. Exploring the impact of psychological trauma on memory in the aftermath of sexual assault, Blank Run tells the story of a girl attempting to recollect fragments of her memories as she struggles to make sense of the ambiguity of her experience. Back in Singapore after its successful staging at ACT Shanghai International Theatre Festival 2016 and a sold-out run at World Stage Design in Taipei 2017, Blank Run is a multidisciplinary theatrical experience that combines film, projection design, soundscape and movement theatre to examine the cognitive and emotional effects of sexual assault.

SACC is the only organisation that provides free, safe and confidential services to support survivors of sexual violence in Singapore. For the Singapore run, TTP will be working with SACC on the following initiatives:

Post Show Dialogue:

The Blank Run team and representatives from SACC will hold a series of post-show discussions where they will discuss the inspiration and devising process behind the piece, the impact of trauma on memory and SACC’s work with sexual assault survivors. The sessions will take place after the following performances:

17th August 2017, 8pm

18th August 2017, 8pm

19th August 2017, 3pm

Charity Show:

All proceeds of the opening show (17th August, 8pm) will go to SACC to help continue their work supporting survivors of sexual violence in Singapore.

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More about our friends:

Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) 

AWARE is Singapore’s leading women’s rights and gender equality advocacy group.  We embrace diversity, and promote understanding and acceptance of diversity, respect the individual and the choices she makes in life, and support her when needed, and recognize the human rights of all, regardless of gender, so that everyone can realize their aspirations.

Sexual Assault Care Centre (SACC)

The Sexual Assault Care Centre (SACC) at AWARE provides free, safe and confidential services to those who have experienced sexual assault, helping them deal with their experiences and make decisions about their next steps with counsellors, lawyers and befrienders.

Art originates from life. Theatre is like a mirror that reflects the people and happenings in life from a different perspective, encouraging us to look within ourselves and to observe the ways of others.

Kuo Jian Hong | Artistic Director