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Kuo Pao Kun (1965-2002)
Goh Lay Kuan





Artistic Advisor
Goh Lay Kuan

Artistic Director
Kuo Jian Hong

Associate Arts Practitioners
Gloria Ang Xiao Teng
Hao Wei Kai
Lim Yu Yue
Ng Mun Poh

Technical Director
Lee Bee Bee 

Stage Manager
Eng Sze Kee
Tan Yi Lin Michelle

Assistant Production Producers
Lim Yu Yue

Advoacy Advisor
Wong May Lan

Advoacy Manager
Catherine Wong

Advoacy Executive
Michelle Er Wen Xuan

Teaching Artists
Hao Wei Kai
Ng Mun Poh

Head of Finance & Human Resource
Teo Seok Kheng

Head of Human Resource & Administration
Rena Lew

Human Resource & Administration Executive
Chua Shujuan Valerie

Media & Business Development Senior Manager
Guo Xiong

Marketing & Media Manager
Jasmine Lim

Sales & Marketing Covering Manager
Amber Lee

Communications & Business Development Executive
Pang Jia Min

Graphic Designer
Teh Xiang Her

S Letchumanan A/L M Subramanian

The most important aspect of an arts education for a child is its integration within culture itself. Culture sets forth the foundation on which a country is built upon: its direction, pathways and values. The education of arts and culture very much emphasizes the development of character.

Goh Lay Kuan | Co-Founder / Artistic Advisor